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Wendy is a well-respected Realtor for Dilbeck Estates and Luxury Portolio International and is committed to serve and to deliver the utmost level of professional representation and expertise to her clients.

Originating from Hong Kong, China, and a current resident of San Marino, CA, Wendy has developed a huge interest and passion in real estate early in her career. Besides receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Cal State LA, she has earned numerous awards, such as: the “Platinum Advantage Elite Award”, “Award of Distinction”, and “Pasadena Sales Partner of The Year” multiple times. As a prominent figure at Dilbeck Real Estate, Wendy attributes her success to her vast negotiating skills, market knowledge, and ability to skillfully feature a home’s unique presence and character.

She surpasses and exceeds expectations from her clients because being a Realtor is not a job, but her passion. Wendy works diligently towards her client’s best interest and fully executes deals. With her successful 12+ year experiences in the real estate industry, Wendy continues to stand by her core values:

Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty, and Perseverance.

作為Dilbeck Estates 和 Luxury Portolio International 備受推崇的房地產經紀,Wendy致力為客戶提供最全面、最優質,最專業的房地產服務。

來自中國香港,現居加州聖馬利諾San Marino市的Wendy,對房地產這門專業的興趣和熱愛,從開始至今,一直有增無減。除擁有加州州立大學洛杉磯分校的會計學學士學位外,Wendy更屢獲殊榮,先後得到 Platinum Advantage Elite Award、Award of Distinction,以及 Pasadena Sales Partner of The Year等多個獎項。作為Dilbeck房地產公司的傑出人才,Wendy擁有精湛的談判技巧、廣博的市場知識,及對每所房屋的特徵都瞭如指掌的洞察力。




“Exceptional Service You Can Trust”


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